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Our Process

We are a software development company with the focus on making hardware and software work together in a synergy which connects and efficiently streamlines your business processes and fuels greater productivity.

Starting a new project doesn’t have to be a brutal process. That is, if you have a skilled team backing you up. From the idea scribbled down on a coffee-stained napkin to launching the resulting complex custom enterprise solution – we innately understand how to get the job done. Starting with the requirements analysis and finishing with the post-launch support and updates.

Fill in a form and try to tell us about your project as much as possible. We will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your needs.

In close collaboration with you, our business analysis team conducts the project discovery phase and presents our vision.

Together we align the collaboration terms and sign the time and material or dedicated development team contract.

We create the solution architecture design, software requirements specification, plan the project schedule, and arrange the development process.

We start the transparent development process with the regular updates, demos, and features deliveries. Once the work is done – we help you to launch the application, support it with updates and fixes.