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The key to your all POS kindred problems can be solved with VumaPOS system. We have a bunch of Point of Sale solutions for your Supermarket, Restaurant, Wholesale, Retail, Hotel, Café, Coffee Shop, and Pizzeria. Cash and inventory management in POS can be easily done with a Vuma Africa system. Our Point of Sale system includes Barcode Scanning, Statistics & Reports, and Scanner Integration in POS and thereby it enhances a better Customer Management in a POS system.


Supermarket windows POS system allows you to manage simply and effortlessly all your business processes directly from your back office smoothly and perfectly. From pricing to inventory management, to analysing sales and reports, employee performances, to manage promotions, offers and campaigns, all information are delivered instantaneously across the whole company giving you a complete overview of your business using vumaPOS supermarket system. A supermarket POS system may even go one step further to alleviate shortages and curb over-ordering. Depending on the particular inventory management module, it may generate an alert when inventory levels reach user-defined minimums, and, in some cases, create re-orders based on this information. Self-kiosks in the supermarket will attain more customers to get-in & out of stores more quickly and promptly.

Supermarket Back Office

Apart from a supermarket windows point of sale software, it has a Back Office in which any individual can login into the back office with a URL and can access the data’s in the exe. Where if the warehouse is far from the supermarket grocery, he can directly get login into the back office and can add the stock or products from there. The only difference between a back office and exe is that he cannot make any sales from there. It has the features like product management, real time reporting, discount and offers, account management, data cleaning and report management.

Supermarket Inventory App

Backing with a Supermarket windows POS and Back Office, it has some add-ones features like Supermarket Inventory App, Supermarket Price Checking App and Supermarket Report App does more privileged solutions to the customers. In a supermarket inventory app it has a solution like when a sale takes place, the sold item is scanned by a barcode and no need to count on the items while error in counting items can be avoided. With inventory app any user can easily understand the number of inventory in the store and it helps to take stable decisions.

Supermarket Price Checking App

The price checking app of supermarket, without a point of sale a cashier can easily get the details of product like price, barcode, product id and also can scan the product later barcode price will automatically displays in the screen. If the cashier urgently need a report he can easily get those reports by using the report app if he is far away from his POS machine. New offers and promotion of items displays in the price checking app screen.

Supermarket Report App

VUMAPOS SUPERMARKET REPORT APP is a complete solution for getting reports like Sales report, Inventory report, Tax report, Customer report and Other reports. If an individual who went outside can immediately view the report details within seconds by using the supermarket report app. While viewing the reports you can also share the reports in an easy way.


All in one ERP solution with built-in POS will manage your wholesale business in a desirable way and eliminates the need of entering information in multiple ways so that reduces errors. Record your transactions, manage sales commissions and export your data to the business intelligence platform to make smarter decisions with our Wholesale system. A Wholesale POS system with different mode enhances the whole day-to-day transactions into an upgraded business structure. Which perform as a system that instantly records all the relevant cash transaction when a sale proceeds. It consistently saves time and which effectives into a better working environment for employees and finds a way to prevent wrong calculations.

While login into the supermarket you can select the wholesale mode in the utility option if you want to establish a wholesale business. There is no fixed maximum count of items in wholesale as compared to retail. In wholesale the price is fixed for the customers, retail, and wholesale in different rates. Multiple tax, multiple barcode, counter, cash drawer, discount master, product tax master, multiple store, discount, gift, offers, points, report management are other VumaPOS wholesale features. When you create a set of price variations, you can set up the system to offer them to selected groups of customers, such as your most frequent buyers.

 Main Features

Inventory Tracking System

The pillar of every business is its perfect inventory system which organises all stock details and avoiding all product outages and overstock. Access detailed records of each piece of merchandise, from when it was received, at what cost, which customer eventually bought it, at what time and what price, and product warranty information with the help of POS software.

Cash Management

Successfully managing cash flow is a skill for every business and make all transactions quick and easy. Profit & loss management will help you to keep control of your business. It also provides complete order tracking from acceptance to payment.

Check data anytime, anywhere!

You can easily keep an eye on all your business activity with the live viewing panel. Whether you’re working from home or somewhere far away from home, you can view all your data on any device to see sales and other activities and where they take place and by whom.

Customer Management

By this software we can have customer database storing, we can group customers by various attributes, we can provide reward by the points they acquired, synchronise members data for using multiple outlets.

Sales Management

By this module you can generate sales invoices, apply discounts and promotions, make end of day settlement, and even synchronises sales of all outlets to backend system through internet.

Report Management

Real time reports will benefit in sales and profits. Wholesale POS software offers centralized web based reports for all outlets, daily collection reports, stock transfer reports and even customer purchase reports.


In today’s world, POS (Point of Sale) system is being used by millions and it adds a fresh dimension to manage your business into a new level of control over operations; increasing efficiency, boosting profits, and will help it fine-tune its business mode. If your business is local, international or online, in stores, with a unique brand or for multiple choices or mixed up and you wanted the best choice to stand out your business to come in a perfect way, the answer is VumaPOS retail system. It envisages to look sales, stock control and order management for both small and large-scale retailers. It featuring to improve day-to-day business with the integrated accounting system, inventory management and CRM.

VumaPOS Retail software is categorize in Spa & Salon POS, Retail-Pharmacy, Apparel and Footwear Shop, Garment Shop, Retail-Healthcare, Retail-Opticals in which it insist to keep a look for customer’s purchase histories and add points upon their daily transactions, where employees find it as a strategy to identify personal interest of customers so that can easily make available the stock/thing needed by them. Sales monitoring and reporting, inventory and stock management, employee management, loyalty programmes and gift cards, multiple discount and multiple barcode, multiple counter are VumaPOS retail features. In restaurant point of sale, change into retail in the general settings option in utility. There is a limit in count of items in retail system while compared to wholesale POS. The rest of all features of retail point of sale are same as the wholesale POS.

 Main Features


POS software can record transactions, manage inventory and analyse sales pattern so that can perform all operations faster without any errors. For today’s competitive marketplace, you should have accurate data to make critical business operations- from handling inventory to managing your cash flow.


Promotions give your customers another reason for coming back. Our integrated back office allows you to easily configure mix & match, promotions and other discounts for automated price calculations, buy one get one free etc. It also allows automated pricing linked to particular dates, days and time periods.

Employee & Customer Management

POS software helps to achieve productivity by tracking down your employers timely activities and also helps to find out frequent customers from the stored information. Also using POS software we can separate employee access based on their roles like financial data can be managed and can be accessible to those who have decision making roles.

Speed of Service

Retail outlets are fast-paced, cash rich environments. Speed of service and reliability are key in these high turnover environments: whether it be a corner shop or a large department store, our pos software system facilitates excellent customer service even during the busiest trading periods.


The key feature in POS software is Security Protection for your customers. We can ensure best security by encrypting all POS data and decrypt it by request or when needed. POS can assure customer data protection and can prevent data mishandling.

Real Time Reporting

It gives an accurate overview of daily operations as POS system is integrated with the network of your whole business. Reports will be generated instantly and will update every transactions and performances data as they go.


Our POS Restaurant System provide customizable menu which also fulfils other customer demands like discounts, gift and points, loyalty programs, home delivery and take away facility, credit system, LED/VFD customer display system, emails and SMS alerts. Data backup and restore facility by using SQL server and SQL local database facility in categories like Hotel, Café, Pizzeria, Bar and beverages, bakery, sweet shop, ice cream shop, food court, food truck. Simultaneous and order management feature customers a multi-currency payment. Users can add the reports based on daily transactions which entitle to understand customer preferences. Table and ordering management where customers can place order very quickly and pay bills by using cash or card so that time theft can be avoided. Multi- location management, multi store and warehouse management, invoice discount and rounding facility, day close are other POS features.

Restaurant Back Office

Besides the restaurant point of sale system, in Restaurant Back Office any individual can login into the back office with a URL and can access the data’s in the exe. You can add the stock or products from a back office instead of login into exe and the only difference between a back office and exe is no sale can be proceed here and here it also keep the backup copy of the important data somewhere else in the system. Features like Product management, accounts management, report, inventory, discount, offers etc.

Restaurant Order App

In the restaurant order taking app, which is often as easy to use as a smartphone app, allows servers to tap in an order via a handheld tablet at the table, eliminating the need to rush to the POS station and whenever a customer reaches instead of waiting for a waiter the customer himself can make order and it will displayed in the kitchen display system with the receptive table number and the staffs will start making food and will be served. Another restaurant based application is the report app.

Restaurant Report App

POS Restaurant Report App makes to view the reports like Sales Reports, Inventory Reports, Account Reports and 0ther Report in a PDF format. POS Sales Report App Software runs on smartphones and tablets, thereby making your business mobile and look smarter and tech-savvy. Restaurant Report App it shows the Sales and Receive reports details on daily-wise, weekly-wise and monthly wise details in a graphical way. Restaurant Report App furnish you to encounter the reports in which different data are stored as different reports. If an individual who went outside can immediately view the report details within seconds by using the restaurant report app.

Restaurant Web Android Report App

If any sales or receive takes place it can see it on the web android report app and the data will be automatically uploads in to the cloud. It shows the daily sales and receive reports in date wise, daily wise, monthly and year wise. Reports like Daily sales report, Daily receive report, Monthly sales report, Monthly receive report, Yearly sales report, Yearly receive report, Sales report date range, Receive report date range, Day number wise sales report, Day number wise receive report can be seen here. Current sales and receive details can be seen here in a graphical way format.


The needs for every Hotels are different and services would be easy-to-read format, giving you more accurate and reliable service with no error, this is what POS does. POS allows you to manage your front-desk, housekeeping, Accounts and operations in the cloud. Maintain your Hotel business in the best way that suits your style with managing your staffs, with better reporting and with better impression for your customers.

Our system is simple and easy to use with unique functionalities that communicates with each part of software. Customer Satisfaction at its best, making a good impact in the way it is, in this toughest environment with a better service – ultimate profits runs here and POS offers all above.

At hotels, POS systems helps to record the delivery of the product to the specific customers. It helps an easy way to record the transaction and make payment deliberately. POS usually creates an operational efficiency in the hotel to achieve the goals which had already set. It brings in loyalty among the customers while ordering, delivering or via making payment process. Which facilitate in customer contentment.

Hotel POS bring accuracy in accounting, which avoids a large amount of errors while manual calculation. With the records of customer purchased products it can fore see the future preferences of them and thereby strives the market. It saves the time during updating the transactions, with an integrated hotel POS systems.

Main Features

Cash Management

POS helps you to make cash management easier. Cash management technology provides your business with an accurate, safe, and secure experience. In our cashless society, a better solution that includes cash management software can make your hotel’s cash management processes faster, more streamlined, and more efficient than ever before, so your employees can be more productive and efficient.

Table Management

Our pos incorporates a large graphical table plan which can incorporate multiple levels if your restaurant has separate floors or areas. Tables on the floor plan display their current status at a glance, is the table in use, which course are they on, have they requested a bill.

Handheld Ordering

With vumapos you can now enter customer orders anywhere- at the table, on your patio, in your beer garden or perhaps in your function & meeting rooms or hotel reception

Customer Satisfaction

Manage your guest with complete satisfaction in each venue in a synchronised way and find track of all who visits in regular basis and personalise your guest with add-on services

Feather Touch

User-friendly touch interface is the key feature where the employees can master in with the system and manage all operations with ease and can keep all things organised.

Manage better, Sell faster

Management of point of sale in hotels gets smarter with the inclusion of a hotel POS system. The products and services at POS points can be organized in unlimited categories & subcategories. A separate group for featured items at the top lets you access and sell your fast-moving products or special items and services at a faster pace.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

A café is social place for interacting and enjoying a warm cup of coffee and POS plays a fitter role in managing your café shop.

If you are preferring a customizable display for your café, then POS is the answer. A cafe POS system is designed to help small coffee shops and eateries efficiently manage counter, seated, take-out, and delivery orders, plus oversee general business needs. Customer service tools, quick order-taking, and ticket-tracking top the list of needed features in good cafe POS software.

With a simple click on the POS screen, employees can easily make orders for their customers easily, thereby it helps them to serve more number of customers at a time efficiently. Here, day-to-day transactions can be easily reported and track down the sales effectively. It enables the workers to sign on and off when their shifts begins or ends, which process in to track hours simply.

A café POS system manages to secure the entire transactions, speeds and accurate the business functions effectively. With a definite track level, it creates points and gifts based on the purchases that each customer made. It is added service to a café, which can serve their customers to satisfy with the best.

  Main Features

Tablet billing

Café POS helps to customise orders and make bills in a fast-pace manner. Whether it’s a bulk order or an individual one POS deals with it without any confusion.

Organized Inventory

Inventory Management helps you to fill up stock with fresh products and make purchase orders and an up-to-date inventory data compatibility also allows for your inventory to remain accurate within the context of your ordering system.

Sales and Reporting

You can analyse the inventory trends to make informed decisions and accurate list of the available supplies helps to find track of the daily and weekly usage. The sales reports and the raw material usage helps forecast and create future plans.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are always happy customers. POS software will make sure that all process and all customer issues and complaints are resolved smoothly. Taking care of repairs, other additional services all will be taken care of through the system. Credits given to customers or obligations payable to suppliers will all be monitored.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Programs which do not require the hassle of Loyalty Cards to add or redeem points. Create outlet specific offers or launch regional Loyalty Programs that can be run across multiple outlets.

Waiting List Management

You can maintain waiting list of the customers in case of rush hours so that whenever a table is free you van sent an alert message to customers.


Regardless of any taste, like if you prefer a perfect Italian style, or some Indian taste or some local even, handle it with more care and hold your customers by fulfilling their taste. A Pizzeria POS system has designed and modelled specifically for pizza shops for better business operations. The software helps to make orders for pizza and process payments and get delivered.

The other big advantage of the pizzeria POS system is the availability for online orders. This is a growing trend for even small time pizza stores. It allows those at home to place their order while having the confidence the order has been placed correctly. They will be able to verify everything they ordered on the pizza is correct before placing the order. If they need to make a change, they can still call you at the store.

Multiple stores management is another feature, which facilitates an effective management in every point of sale transactions. It helps to track the sales, inventory, employees and customers in one place. It serves with a big amount of hardware integration for better functioning of a POS system. Make a quick sale, with pizzeria POS. It helps for purchase orders, stock adjustments, and transfer orders.

Multiple payment is what, whether cash or credit everything is upon your choice and can also apply discounts to the receipts or add points on every purchase. It ensures a high definite cash management process, which identify mistakes and correct them with speculated skills.

Main Features

Flexible Menu Ordering

With the custom ordering page, customers can make orders for both delivery and takeout and they can customize pizza different toppings and even can make changes any time before delivery.

Kitchen Display System

Customers can sent orders directly through kitchen Display System and thus we can avoid errors and confusions.

Add-Ons & Combos

You can offer combos and rewards for regular customers and even create special combo offers.

Delivery Module

POS system has an advantage of tracking all details of customers when they called so that they can make delivery to the specified location at the earliest.

Integrated CRM

Customer database can be tracked for getting reviews and offering rewards and gifts and for sending promotions.

Real Time Reporting

Daily collection reports, sales person category reports and customer purchase reports helps to find an overall overview of your business.


Running a clothing store comes with lot of challenges and managing that too through online and in-store finds more difficulty as it handles hundreds of styles & brands per season, POS helps you to make it easier for your store and leads you successful. POS can capture customer information to analyse purchase patterns and create tailored marketing campaigns.

Using one dashboard you can manage your retail and online stores and can accepts all types of payments and it is very easy to edit, update and add products in your site. The POS systems use software that offers much more than just recording the sales data and printing a receipt, it integrates with customer relationship management, tracks inventory, provides sales history, and does account reporting too. Having data beyond sales, and taking care of customers by knowing specific details keeps them coming back.

You can make loyalty programs for customers and can support high-volume transactions and can even provide 24/7 customer service.

A high definite clothing POS makes your business into profitability, with its infinite features. A POS which track records, makes payment, takes orders and delivers which effectively prime to a bid source to your complete clothing business solutions. Which always tide highly to establish a better cash management for proper business operations.

Point of sale makes the clothing habit into a standard output to enrich its core values towards a better performing system. A POS is quick and easy way to make the transactions, payments to a systematic approach. It easily access orders and make prompt payment via cash or card.

Main Features

Quick keys and/or product lookup

A catalogue is available for most trendy things and even it shows commonly sold items in one-click. Multi-dimensional inventory grid can easily manage multi-attribute items such clothing and apparel with size, colour and style attributes.

Multiple payment methods/split payments

You can make any type of payments and can use any currency to make payments and can make online payments using POS. Using POS, you can issue and redeem customer store credit.

Inventory Management

Get the robust inventory of all stocks available for both online and in store business By POS software and create multiple variants for all products that sold. And you can sort products by their size, brand and even colour.

Customer Management

Customer dashboard allows you to find every transactions and you can make recommendations and marketing campaigns and promos for customers by seasons and even surprise them with rewards and gifts. Customer facing display makes a transparency in every transactions they made.


The barcode method is used widely and it is possible with POS for better time management by finding its price and for removing human errors for their price entry.


A dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of how your store is doing. It’s a great feature to have because it gives you an immediate of your business’ performance without having to dig or hunt for the info.

Manage your Supermarket Inventory System Effectively

Track availability of products & services, Inventory Management and manages Accurate Bills.