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  • Posted by: Sospeter Masota

What are the benefits of a Pharmacy Management System?

Let’s talk about pharmacy management software (PMS) and how it helps achieve two business goals:

1) having a more efficient, automated pharmacy workflow, and
2) staying above the competition by improving patient outcomes and providing a better customer experience.

This article will be useful to those who:

already have a patient management system and are reviewing more integration options,
want to acquire a Pharmacy Management System (PMS) and need to know what to look for, or
think about building a custom Pharmacy Management System (PMS).

A pharmacy was always more than just a place to get your prescription. Patients treated pharmacists as consultants, someone to help them choose an over-the-counter medicine or make sense of a prescription’s dosage and instructions. Always happy to oblige, they rarely had enough information about a person’s medical history, allergies, or treatment plans to give more complete advice. This, however, is changing. The healthcare industry is experiencing transformations and pharmacies are no exception.

Patients have access to their medical data and ability to securely share it. Hospitals are encouraged — if not forced — to become interoperable and connect with all the other players in the field. Valuable data is collected and transformed into insights that help make life or death decisions with more confidence. Basically, it’s much easier to abandon manual processes and participate in patient care instead, all the while growing as a business and staying competitive on the growing market.

Author: Sospeter Masota

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