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  • Posted by: Sospeter Masota

Why do you need a pharmacy management software

A pharmacy management software is any system used in a pharmacy that helps automate the pharmacy workflow. This includes such tasks as reviewing physician orders and preparing medications, controlling the inventory and making drug orders, handling billing and insurance, providing counseling, identifying incompatibilities, and more — all while following legal protocols and compliances.

And these are just the traditional functions that can be automated. Many more features can give the pharmacy a competitive edge by providing better customer experience and attract patients with more personalized and engaging service. We will talk in detail about such features in the coming articles. Now, let’s go through the main benefits a pharmacy management system will help you get.

Improving pharmacists efficiency.

Pharmacists spend most of their working hours dispensing drugs. This task requires lots of concentration, a great deal of verification, drug interaction checking, not to mention making sense of the doctor’s handwriting. Is it necessary to dispense drugs manually? Not at all. With seamless computer-computer communication in place, prescriptions can be easily handled by software, freeing more time for pharmacists to interact with patients. Which leads us to the next benefit.

Improving patient health outcomes.

Patients are seeking counseling from pharmacists and a PMS can directly or indirectly help them get better counseling. Apart from spending more time with a customer in person, pharmacists can communicate with them online on a patient portal. And by setting up a connection to a hospital’s EHR, a pharmacist can access a patient’s medication history to make better recommendations. Besides, special medicine adherence tools can help patients manage drugs they take, helping them easily refill prescriptions that are refillable and receive notifications about them.

Preventing medicine fraud.

Pharmacies play a pivotal role in helping manage the distribution of controlled dangerous substances (CDSs) by entering all prescription information in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program database and checking it when dispensing drugs. A pharmacy management system integrated with the PDMP portal allows you to cut down logging time and effort to just a few clicks as information is automatically added to the patient’s history.

Keep reading to learn how PMS functionality will help you achieve these benefits.

Author: Sospeter Masota

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