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Vuma Africa incorporates the full cycle of software development services. We focus on providing managed dedicated teams and developing sophisticated enterprise application Software.

Dedicated Software Development Team

Draft your dream team of software engineers in a dedicated development center. Keep in-house-like control, cut down costs by 50% and double development speed with dedicated offshore developers.

Custom Software Development Service

We are a software development company with the focus on making hardware and software work together in a synergy which connects and efficiently streamlines your business processes and fuels greater productivity.

Desktop Application Development Services

Desktop software development is the core strength of Vuma Africa as a company. Combination of the rich technical expertise, years of experience, help us to span the full cycle of software development services.

Web Application and SaaS Development Services

Vuma Africa is a software development company providing dedicated teams and the full range of the web application development services needed to create and launch effective enterprise solutions and successful software as a service platforms.

Mobile Application Development Services

Vuma Africa is a software development house providing enterprises software with the full range of services. We know how to create the application software which will take the top charts of the industry and will become reliable companion software of your field force workers thus helping bring your business effectiveness to the next level.

Business Automation & Intelligence Development

Vuma Africa develops and improves enterprise software that helps businesses of all sizes to enable automation, analytics, and collaboration. We know exactly how to leverage the cutting-edge technology solutions to generate more revenue for your and create greater value for your customers.

Our core technologies

Desktop Application




Web Application






Mobile Application




What Industries We Serve?

Our industries

Retail & E-commerce

With years of experience under its belt, Vuma Africa offers great solutions that enable retail stores to move on the online market space and reap the benefits on offer. There have been countless projects where we have created online stores for brands, that are interactive and deliver a great user experience.

Not only does Ecommerce provide convenience, it also brings an increase in the overall revenue.


Vuma Africa believes in delivering fintech IT solutions that lead the way to immense growth for businesses. With our technical expertise and professionals in the finance sector, you can be sure to get seamless solutions for all your fintech requirements, all enabling a great transformation without a doubt.


Vuma Africa integrates the utility of mobile and web to come up with stupendous healthcare solutions that ease the lives of medical professionals, hospitals and others involved in the healthcare industry. We create solutions that are aimed at increasing productivity and coming up with better treatments through the latest technologies.


With an immense competition, staying ahead in the food industry will always involve a great degree of technological innovation and creativity to keep things tight and efficient. As a leading Mobile Application Development Company, Vuma Africa is a reliable name to provide you with the best on-demand food delivery apps to keep food businesses ahead of the curve each and every time.


Everything that involves products reaching from the point of manufacture to the end customer is a part of the logistics cycle. With factors like transportation, packaging and delivery, Vuma Africa understood the needs companies faced to keep the entire process efficient, and therefore began the delivery of spectacular logistics solutions that streamlined the entire logistics process to new levels.

Travel and hospitality

Travel and hospitality is a huge vertical in itself. Therefore, the need to have the greatest solutions to make every single aspect another huge deal. With Vuma Africa, we look to enhance travel experiences with our booking app development services. With our services, transforming businesses becomes easier than ever.


Online platforms have become a very crucial element in every industry and sector, and the entertainment arena also falls under the same category. With our super sophisticated solutions and services, we aim at giving businesses the most exorbitant benefits under this new digital era.

Social Media

In order to make any business grow, having a formidable presence on social media platforms has become of vital importance. Strong and interactive content on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms gives brands a chance to reach out to their customers in ways like never before. Our experienced team at Vuma Africa is very adept in making you visible on all platforms that are the need of every hour.


At Vuma Africa, we are proud to have been a vital cog in bringing about a huge change as to how education is active around the globe today. Our professionals are experienced to merge the latest technologies with perfect teaching and training methods to come up with the best IT solutions in the entire education industry.


Running a country is not an easy job for any government out there. But, it can be made a lot easier if governments have the right tools. Vuma Africa, for years has collaborated with many prestigious agencies from around the globe and has rendered them amazing IT solutions to make the sailing smooth across all aspects.

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