Vuma Africa ERP Software Built For Mechanical Contractors

No matter what the job or service request entails, mechanical contractors trust Vuma Africa ERP Software to manage their business and ensure customer satisfaction. With our mechanical contractor software, we take care of the back end, so you can focus on your day-to-day operations.

Making Mechanical Installations And Construction Projects Smarter

Service is crucially important for mechanical contractors, and your inventory control and purchase requirements are complex. Tranquil Mechanical Contractor business software provides a comprehensive solution for mechanical contractors; from service management to effective inventory control, Tranquil ERP delivers the information you need to improve your operations.

  • Robust Work Management

    Can boost productivity, save time, and increase profitability.

  • Data Integrity

    Ensure data integrity with our real-time information capability

  • Remote Access

    Provides remote access to your team members and field service techs.

  • Take Informed Decisions

     It helps on-site team members to take informed decisions and update details about the project 

Vuma Africa For Mechanical Contractors

With Vuma Africa ERP Software, you can efficiently manage every aspect of your mechanical contracting business, without duplicating data entry or effort. You will have more time to manage your business, serve your customers and build more profitable projects


With the fully customizable and easily configurable Technicians Scheduler from our Software, keeping your scheduling process organized is a breeze. Also, the service contract checklists are a great way to ensure your technicians are completing all aspects of the job and maximizing customer satisfaction.


Create, track and manage all aspects of the job with Project Management software from ERP Software. From the project control screen, you can access all pertinent information related to each job, create documents which are automatically stored in the cloud, email documents directly from the system and link change orders.


Vuma Africa ERP Software is a complete software solution that is fully integrated with accounting, HR and payroll, job costing, inventory management, equipment, reporting, and document management. Being truly integrated, you can be assured your information will always be accurate and current, allowing your business to make more informed decisions.


Maintain vendor details, compare prices, and take informed decisions on whom to buy from, when, and how much. Keep track of your raw materials from the time they are dispatched by the supplier, till they reach your warehouse or site. You can configure the system to notify you when stocks are low so that you can place new orders. Reduce costs of material purchase, storage, and transportation with Vuma Africa ERP Software.


Vuma Africa ERP for the construction industry offers information on costs and reports on jobs in real time. Thanks to comprehensive integration between service and job costing, every cost is properly accounted for, enabling you to cost a task, and eventually the whole project. It helps track costs and revenues as the payments come in.


Time billing is a critical application for mechanical contractors. Employees log the hours worked on each task or job, and billable hours are separated and totalled. The system can quickly generate invoices based on timesheets.


Vuma Africa’s project budgeting feature helps you to effectively budget for a project, allocating funds to various tasks in order of priority. As you track the project progress, the funds used are also updated, and if you are overshooting the budget, you can take the necessary steps to cut costs.


Manage processes, functions, and departments on an everyday basis, to ensure that daily jobs and objectives are achieved every day. Gain perfect control over daily routine activities so that no plan or activity remains undone; achieve the results you wanted, and complete projects quicker


Work in progress refers to partially completed products that need to undergo further processing before they can be sold. It is an important component of inventory as they eventually become goods that are sold and bring in revenue for the company. Tracking work in progress is therefore crucial for any type of manufacturing business