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HR & Payroll Software is a complete solution for all your HR needs.

Streamline your employees’ management process.HR and Payroll System saves you time through automation and digitization across all your HR Functions. Add and manage employee data, including personal details, salary information, history, and department. You can also give login access to employees. Maintain Employee records with personal details, salary, qualification & experience. Set Basic salary, assign expiry date for each document, unlimited allowances & deductions & much more.

Employee Management

Using Vuma Africa’s HR and Payroll system you can manage all employee data in one place. It also simplifies inter-departmental interaction and collaborative working. Including personal details, salary information, history, and department. You can also give login access to employees.

Unlimited Employees

Onboard, manage, and work with an unlimited number of employees. Scale your business up or down as needed while managing employee information on one dashboard. Add new employees and update information such as photo, hire date, birthday, salary, account, department, and address.

Add Departments

Organize employees into departments, streamline communication, and collaborate with teams. Simplify how you assign tasks, delegate responsibilities, and monitor progress. Know the number of employees in a particular department and better allocate resources to improve efficiency.

Employee Login

Give login access to employees to oversee tasks. You can give an employee access to the admin panel, invoices, items, vendors, and customers and perform other employee functions such as updating information and creating expense claims. Check out the Roles app for more details.

Salary Information

Enter the salary details of your employees – amount, payment type (weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, or yearly), currency, bank details, and hire date. With the Payroll app, you can add a pay calendar, print payslips on demand, and obtain valuable insights into their employees’ compensation history.

Flawless management of your payroll

Simplify your payroll processes with the Payroll application. Error-free manages employees’ salary payments with custom payment periods and frequencies. Add employees, manage transaction details such as bonuses/deductions, and generate pay slips.

Multiple Pay Calendars

Add employees/contractors and customize payment for each one of them. You can add as many payments as required and set the recurrence to bi-weekly, monthly, or weekly. Select specific days you want each transaction and Payroll auto-sends payment notifications.

Unlimited Employees

Add unlimited employees/contractors to your Payroll management system and create personalized payment schedules for each. The Payroll app auto-syncs data from the employee’s app and lets you tailor payments to every staff or individual contractor.

Benefits & Deductions

Adjust and auto-calculate Benefits (bonuses, commissions, allowances, expense reimbursement, etc.) and Deductions (advance pay, loan, miscellaneous deductions, etc.) for each employee without errors. You can personalize your list of benefits and deductions.

Print-ready Payslips

Automatically generate Payslips for every payment with transaction details such as employee information (tax number, department, and bank account details) and benefits/deductions. You can print Payslips and or save them as PDFs.