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NexusSuite Pro Online accounting software designed for small and Medium businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. Invoicing, accepting online payments and keeping track of expenses couldn’t be simpler.

Everything you need to manage your business


Reduce errors, maintain compliance, and a healthy cash flow. Prepare detailed financial reports with the general ledger, manual journals, trial balance, chart of accounts, and balance sheet for informed decision-making.


Get insights into better-performing items, never run-out-of stock, and maintain the right customer experience. Work with features like unlimited items, variants/SKUs, transfer orders, adjustments, and warehouse management.


Simplify your payroll processes with the Payroll application. Error-free manage employees’ salary payments with custom payment periods and frequencies. Add employees, manage transaction details such as bonuses/deductions, and generate pay slips.

Expense Claims

Simplify expense reimbursement – create, approve, upload, and reconcile employee reimbursements on the go. Track every expense your business or employee makes to meet financial obligations and maintain financial stability.



Simplify how you do project management with automatically created timesheets. Track expenses and optimize your processes for project profitability. The Projects app allows you to create unlimited projects, connect associated invoices/bills, discuss specifics with your team, and never miss delivery deadlines.


Track every step of your customer interaction and build better business-client relationships. Add contacts, qualify leads and update your sales pipelines with ease. Optimize time management, and deliver personalized customer services.


When you set up a business, making countless plans for the future will become one of your business normals. The growth and development of the firm will depend on it, and creating and managing budgets is one of the first steps of planning the future of your business.


Tools and equipment that you or your employees use to get work done are called assets. Almost every business has assets, no matter what business you do, and keeping track of them can become more difficult as assets increase.

Point of Sale

Streamline your business operations and grow revenue with the Point of Sale (PoS) app. Manage sales transactions, track inventory levels, and gain insights into customer purchase demands through detailed reporting.

Estimates (Quotes)

Create quotes that make your business stand out with customers and get approvals that convert your ideas to revenue. Customize estimates with line items, expiration dates, approval options, attachments, and explanatory notes.

Live Currency

This Software allows you to retrieve live currency exchange rates from various services such as Fixer, Open Exchange Rates, and Google automatically. Don’t waste your time updating currencies manually, Live Currency will sync the rates for you.

Bank Feeds

See all bank transactions and accounting data on a dashboard for the convenience of bookkeeping. Reconcile accounts payable/receivable, get insights from income/expense data, and spend more time growing your business. You can auto-sync records from multiple banks with a few clicks.

Bank Accounts

Create unlimited bank and cash accounts and track their opening and current balances.

Multi Company

Manage the finances of multiple companies from one admin panel. Assign users to different companies.


Send invoices and add expenses in any currency and let the system convert them in your main currency.