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A complete solution for all your HR needs. Flawless management of your payroll
Simplify your payroll processes with the Payroll application. Error-free manages employees’ salary payments with custom payment periods and frequencies. Add employees, manage transaction details such as bonuses/deductions, and generate pay slips. Vuma Africa HR and Payroll System save you time through automation and digitization across all your HR Functions.

Employee Management

Using Vuma Africa’s HR and Payroll system you can manage all employee data in one place. It also simplifies inter-departmental interaction and collaborative working. Maintain Employee records with personal details, salary, qualification & experience. Set Basic salary, assign expiry date for each document, unlimited allowances & deductions & much more.

Create multiple pay calendars, and run payroll with print-ready payslips. Multiple payroll management features facilitate one-click payroll processing. Easy way to view, access, and print payslips.

Multiple Pay Calendars
Add employees/contractors and customize payment for each one of them. You can add as many payments as required and set the recurrence to bi-weekly, monthly, or weekly. Select specific days you want each transaction and Payroll auto-sends payment notifications.

Unlimited Employees
Add unlimited employees/contractors to your Payroll management system and create personalized payment schedules for each. The Payroll app auto-syncs data from the employee’s app and lets you tailor payments to every staff or individual contractor.

Benefits & Deductions
Adjust and auto-calculate Benefits (bonuses, commissions, allowances, expense reimbursement, etc.) and Deductions (advance pay, loan, miscellaneous deductions, etc.) for each employee without errors. You can personalize your list of benefits and deductions.

Print-ready Payslips
Automatically generate Payslips for every payment with transaction details such as employee information (tax number, department, and bank account details) and benefits/deductions. You can print Payslips and or save them as PDFs.

Advanced Payroll
For labour-intensive organizations, payroll is one of the most difficult administrative tasks.

Our Payroll Module, with the built-in Job Order Scheduler, makes intelligent Job Order crew assignment and crew scheduling a breeze. By combining information from the Job Order plan and data in the employee timecards, calculating payments due to each worker becomes simple; plus you can bill your customers accurately too.


With our HR and Payroll management system, we offer best-in-class workforce scheduling for complex scheduling challenges. Whether your workforce is in an office or spans multiple locations.


Time card features in HR and Payroll management system Time Card will allow you to track the time your employees spend working on jobs. Easily streamline payroll and send accurate invoices to customers.


By integrating time and attendance with centralized scheduling, your managers can see who’s scheduled, who’s clocked in and who’s not.


With ready-to-go reports, your team can measure labour costs, scheduled hours, overtime, time cards, and other workforce information at a moment’s notice.

Time & Attendance
Pick up real-time attendance data from your biometrics machine automatically and calculate leaves, clocking in late, clocking out early, and overtime.

Timesheet Invoice
Timesheet Invoice is used to bill customers based on employees’ worked hours on customers’ projects.

A lot of service businesses or product businesses, earn their income based on the number of hours spent, tasks done in the project or a fixed project rate. Using the Timesheet module you can manage your projects, log the time spent by task or employee and raise an invoice for the same.

Employee Self Service
Using the Human Resource management system Employees can easily access information related to payouts, leave requests, documents, assets, personal dashboards etc. This helps to reduce the amount of time HR employees spend on query handling. With Self Services, your employees can be confident about data accuracy. lets employees download/update their personal information & documents

Document Expiry Alert
Employee Document tracking is one of the most important procedures in any organization. All the time company is required to keep alert for expiry to avoid legal problems. Also to avoid complications in Visa processing. Never pay a fine for a late renewal again. With Vuma Africa HR software and the Payroll system, every employee’s passport, insurance, driving license or any other company documents expiry will be tracked and notified before it gets expired.

Location Tracking

Real-time location tracking – know where your staff is at any given time without guessing or having to ask
Daily Summaries – get daily summaries to know how much distance employees travelled and how much work they completed without having to wade through text messages, emails, or social posts.

Know attendance real-time – know who has marked their attendance and who is on leave or is on their weekly off, all from one screen. Flexible attendance option – see which employee was present or absent, worked half day or full day and so on, and get detailed reports on remote/site workers’ attendance. Attendance workflows – field employees can request regularization of attendance or leave from our app, and the admin team can directly override through the admin panel.

Task Management
The office can link to the client’s site to make sure that employees are at the right location before they start the job. Real-time task assignment and monitoring – assign tasks in real-time to field executives and monitor the progress to ensure that it is completed in time. Upload forms and photos – enable employees to upload geo-tagged photos and forms as proof of work completed. Forms can be integrated into spreadsheets or other software.

Full Features

  • Link and manage more than one company payroll
  • Add attachments
  • See Payroll transactions in the Journal entry
  • Customize payment method for employee/contractor
  • Create, Edit, Approve or Remove pay calendars for each employee
  • Add different pay items such as meals, reimbursements, or bonuses.
  • Deduct applicable taxes
  • Categorize Payroll transactions as Expenses
  • See a summary of your payroll schedule
  • Determine pay calendars on specific dates(weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)