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Simplify how you do project management with automatically created timesheets. Track expenses and optimize your processes for project profitability. The Projects system allows you to create unlimited projects, connect associated invoices/bills, discuss specifics with your team, and never miss delivery deadlines. It’s not just scheduling, dispatching, or managing employees and projects. It’s a combination of all of these issues that makes a project or job such a time-consuming task. Vuma Africa Project management software is everything from customers to schedules to employees and invoicing, making it easy to ensure that all of the jobs are completed on time and that the Customer is satisfied with the work.

Overview at a Glance

See a summary of a project’s progress and evaluate profitability. You access all related tasks from the project dashboard with date information, active discussions with team members, and a timeline of incoming and outgoing transactions presented on a chart.

Tasks & Milestones

Feel the pulse of our project management efficiency with tasks and milestones. Split your projects into multiple tasks and create milestones to track your progress accurately. You can set milestones independently or connect them to project tasks to evaluate progress.


Don’t get the short end of your project deals. Keep a detailed track of hours spent on each project task and invoice clients accordingly. Starting a task will instantly create a timesheet to record project time. Your project invoices are automatically calculated using timesheet data.


See all income, expenses, invoices, and bills associated with each task to get a good measure of the total cost for each project. Invoices/bills connected to existing projects and listed within the project with transaction details such as date, number, account type, and amount.


Vuma Africa Project Management software’s Estimating capabilities are fully integrated with all tasks & materials so you can compare the current cost of a project/job & the quoted value at a click of a button.


Tools to efficiently track projects/jobs, schedule staff, accurately record billable hours, order materials, send invoices, take payments on the spot, and so much more.


Vuma Africa Project Management’s Costing feature allows you to track all costs on tasks, jobs and projects accurately, and immediately show your profitability on the project or job.


Job Activity

The job Activity screen displays all the information related to each job. Used materials, scheduled technicians, accurately record billable hours and so much more. With Vuma Africa system work order management software using smartphones or mobile devices, your technicians can immediately share job information with office staff; saving time, eliminating paperwork and minimising costly mistakes. You’ll always know where your staff are, what they’re working on, and when they finish.


Schedule Staff

Vuma Africa’s Staff Scheduling Software is more than just assigning staff to jobs. It automates the salary of each employee with each job or job site. Schedulers need full visibility into all shop operations to control the details of each job and ensure the required machines are available. Using a variety of Vuma Africa project management software scheduling functions, you can respond to customer requests quickly, with up-to-the-minute data on your shop floor capacity.

The Project Management Software schedule graph gives you a quick peek at your available capacity to make decisions with confidence. With a Project Management system Scheduler, you get effective and flexible scheduling that accounts for material availability, current work centre load, and actual job performance.

Estimation (Quotes)

Estimate management components that save business owners the most time and effort, while also improving sales and customer management using our ERP software for job estimating. Vuma Africa’s job estimating ERP software has several features that improve your ability to manage potential customers and sales. With Vuma Africa ERP you can:

  • Assign sales reps to any open account.
  • Engage and view prospective customers.
  • Capture demographic information for marketing management.
  • Segment customers by type, address, and more.

When you’re managing your leads and incoming customers, it helps to have access to a full range of data. Whether it’s managing sales staff, customers, schedules, or pricing, it helps to have every piece of data you need at hand to manage and run your business.

Track Materials From Warehouse To Field Technician

View and assign materials to storage locations, such as a warehouse or a technician’s van, and see at a glance whether the technician you’re scheduling for a job has the parts they need. If not, you can easily restock their van by transferring materials from your warehouse.

If you’ve got a lot of stock to manage, create a bundle of commonly paired materials and labour to add to a quote or job in one go. You can also perform stock adjustments or stock takes as needed, helping you identify variances and evaluate your stock management.

Material Request And Delivery

The ability to manage larger inventories or raw materials has become increasingly important. Vuma Africa ERP material control helps you match material supply with demand. With just-in-time purchasing, you can start ordering materials based on inventory requirements – maximizing your purchase price discounts – then schedule delivery according to job requirements and your shop schedule. You’ll always know what and where your inventory is.

Keep Your Projects On Track

Manage complex projects confidently with Vuma Africa ERP. Schedule entire teams and equipment with just one click, live to track your project’s progress and control your costs for better profits. Create deposits, requests for claims, progress claims and retention claims in minutes, not hours, as they are quickly and easily populated with all relevant job data. Claim selected project stages and choose whether you use a schedule of rates or percentages for each invoice. Once your invoice is created, you can simply email it to your customers from Vuma Africa Project management ERP software, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be paid on time.

Real-Time Project Tracking

Once your project is underway, monitor its progress in real-time with a complete project overview using work management software. With this vital information at your fingertips, you can keep your project on track and ensure it’s completed at the highest quality, delivered on time and budget.

Full Features

  • Add and Manage Multiple Projects
  • Get an overview of your projects
  • Add/Delete multiple Tasks
  • Add Team members and assign projects/tasks
  • Define Billing style – Project hours, Task hours, or Fixed rate
  • Automatically create a Timesheet for tasks
  • Set Milestones to measure progress
  • Connect Invoices/Bills to Projects
  • See a Project activities timeline to track changes
  • Track project transactions – Income and expenses
  • Foster teamwork – start discussions and rate great ideas
  • Start/Stop tasks for accurate time tracking
  • Project Cash flow statement
  • Set task Priority
  • Detailed descriptions for every project, task, or milestone
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