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Improve ordering, fulfilment, and delivery processes by giving sales and service real-time data using order management software to deliver better customer service. Manage your customer or supplier orders. Manage your order workflow and product stock according to your rules. Create your orders from your customer sheet, or in a single click by reusing a signed proposal or contract to save time. Include predefined products to save you time, or enter the list of products and services manually. 
Manage Sales Orders

Vuma ERP Software integrated the Sales order process starting with sales quotation and generating sales orders, and moving on to incorporating verification and approval of managers if required, dispatching delivery notes, and sending them for sales invoicing, as well as validating sales return against the sales invoice.

Export all sales documents as PDFs or even send e-mails straight from Vuma ERP Software to your customers. Easily locate an item based on different parameters such as product code, name, product description, barcode etc. through the Product Search interface. Now never miss any important notes or documents with our feature to attach files with sales orders. Additionally, Vuma ERP Software provides on-page information on the order status, delivery status and invoice status so you can save time spent in searching or monitoring each order.


Multi-Price List

Now manage different price lists for different customers using Vuma ERP sales order management software, Simply click to generate invoices with the desirable price list. Build and maintain excellent relationships with customers. Prioritize customer satisfaction, and make them feel valued and special.

Generate Negative Billing

Generate invoices even when you don’t possess stock or if you have a shortage of the product. Vuma ERP Software’s Negative Billing feature ensures that you never lose your customers.

Customer Management

Easily manage your customers with the Vuma ERP sales order management software dashboard and get instant access to detailed customer information, including the history of their engagement with your company. You also get live status on the dashboard regarding the expiration information of the customer’s company registration.

Manage Delivery

Vuma ERP Sales solution will help boost your productivity by processing Orders and Invoices at remote locations. It enables your sales force to work with customers manage accounts in person and have all the information they need even when they are not sitting at their desks in the office.

  • Reduction in sales process cycle time
  • Improving invoice-to-cash cycle
  • No back-office order entry clerk
  • Instant access to customer and item information to the Salesperson on the field
  • Facilitate real-time communication between the field and the central office
  • Enable seamless data flow between mobile workers and the central office
Back Order

Recording all your sales orders with items on back order if you can’t fulfill them, or you have more orders than you have stock on hand. Automatically allows you to place a purchase order for these back-order items with your supplier Vuma ERP Software’s automated backorder feature ensures orders are fulfilled when stock arrives.


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