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Accelerate Your Agro-Feed Manufacturing Business With Smart Digital Solution-Agro ERP Software

Agro ERP software is one complete solution; architecture, especially for Agro-Feed manufacturing business owners. It also gives an automation transformation and brings efficiency and better maintenance of the manufacturing process. Agriculture ERP software helps to bring smoothness in the operation process, for instance, procurement, product quality, supply management etc.

Benefit Of Agro ERP Software

  • uninterrupted manufacturing process
  • Delivery Facilities To Final Customer
  • Systematic Manufacturing Process
  • Sales & Marketing Mobile App
  • Discrete User Dashboard
  • Commission Earning Facilities
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Agro Mobile App
  • Easy B2B Procedure
How Agro ERP Software Can Assist Agro-Feed Manufacturing Business?

Agro ERP software is one technological solution which will give your Agro-Feed manufacturing business a systemic form. Agro-based ERP software can help Agro-Feed manufacturing business owners to make result-oriented, effective decisions and also benefit from collecting real-time data and information, which will make the operational workforce smoother.

Agro ERP Software

  • Cloud-based agro ERP
  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Record your recipe list
  • Mobile App integration
  • Multiple language facilities
  • Data backup facilities
  • Bag for finished good
  • Organized management system
  • Easily track the distribution function
  • Quality assurance of the products
  • Every user will get a separate user dashboard
  • Monthly/yearly commission facilities
  • Automatic record of the list of a finished goods
  • Calculator for batch-wise stock and profitability

Smoothen Your Business Performance With Agro ERP Software

“Modules” are the main mechanism of the argo ERP software; which will help you to boost your agro-feed manufacturing business performance. Moreover, assist you to gather all the business data, operational information, sales and distribution details under one systematic solution.

Purchase Management

Purchasing raw materials for production is one of the major parts of the Agro-Feed manufacturing industry. And it’s important to make all the raw materials available before starting production.

Moreover, this module is directly integrated with the account management module whenever & whatever raw maternal or chemical purchases done by the Agro-Feed will be recorded in the accounting module. And this purchase module will record all the purchase details, when it was purchased, and also keep track of the expiry date; the quantity ordered, etc.

Although there are three types of procurement & purchase module system types: local, foreign, and direct purchase, this purchase and procurement management module will include the following:

  • Raw material order & received
  • Suppliers details
  • Receipt voucher

Production Management

There’s a lot to keep in mind during the manufacturing of the Agro-Feed good, hence this module can help you to stick to and track the daily production target. Besides, this module will aid you with the production procedure, following the recipe recorded in the production module.

Moreover, production management modules witness and record the whole conversation of the raw material into furnished finished goods. In short, the production management module also covers the below sub-modules:

  • Recipe Management
  • Production Plan
  • Maternal Consume
  • Bag Consumption
  • List Of Field Sales Order

Sales & Marketing Management

The sales & marketing management module is another important module of agro-based ERP software. The sales & marketing management module is integrated with the inventory management module, Agro ERP mobile app, and supply chain management.

As in, whenever sales teams send a notification to agro farm, set the delivery date, client information, etc. Some of the amazing sub-module of agricultural ERP software are:

  • Sales Admin Do List
  • Sales Account Do List
  • Store Section Do List
  • Delivery Section Do List
  • Factory Manager Do List
  • Challan Copy

Accounting Management

Keeping track of every inflow & outflow is one vital activity in every business. And that is what this account module does in this agro-ERP software. This module keeps a record of all the financial activities being done to operate the business.

In addition, at the end of every month/year, this module will provide an automated financial report, which will help you to forecast the expense of the following month. Most importantly, the accounting management module will cover the following modules:

  • Debit Voucher
  • Credit Voucher
  • Account Report
  • Cheque Manager

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Just like every machinery is essential in an Agro-Feed manufacturing business, some number of human resources is also very important in agro-business. After all, humans are the ones who will run the machines. And to maintain those human resources, an efficient HRM system is necessary.

This human resource management module will aid you in tracking the employee’s activities so that every employee can give the best input and dedication to their work and contribute to reaching the success goals. Below are some sub-modules of the HRM system:

  • Employee List
  • Payroll
  • Attendance
  • Roster Duty Schedule

Inventory/Stock Management

The inventory management system of agro ERP software is directly integrated with the purchase and production module because, after the necessary raw material is purchased, it will be a straight store in the Agro-Feed industry.

Inventory management modules not only keep track of raw materials but also keep track of finished goods, their expiry dates, the quantity of material stored etc. Some of the essential submodules of the inventory management module are:

  • Finished goods stored
  • Raw material & chemicals stored
  • No products sold and shipped

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